Input formatting guidelines

Input format for field 1:

All numbers are separated by a space or tab. Enter the population name (cannot contain spaces), latitude (in decimal degrees), longitude (in decimal degrees), then number of samples of each haplotype (including zeros). One population's data per line. Lat and longs should be in decimal degrees.

pop2_namepop2_latitudepop2_longitude pop2_hap1_countpop2_hap2_countpop2_hap3_count...pop2_hapX_count

Example: Data for 4 populations, 3 haplotypes

pop1 35.929673 -78.948237	3	2	5
pop2 38.889510 -77.032000	1	0	0
pop3 38.032120 -78.477510	0	1	9
pop4 36.379450 -75.830290	2	2	1

Input format for field 2: Optional haplotype information:

All names are separated by a space or tab. Names cannot contain spaces. Order of haplotypes must correspond to order in field 1. There must be the same number of haplotypes entered in field 2 as in field 1.


Example: Data for 3 haplotypes

hapA	high
hapB	low
hapC	high